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Career Planning e-Course

Are you ready to make a change? Do you want to figure out what you need from your career to make work a satisfying and energising part of your life? This Career Planning e-Course is designed to help you do just that. Over six weeks it will help you identify career options that will draw on your innate strengths and honour the values that are fundamental to who you are.


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“Working with Aisling has enabled me to re-discover my professional identity, to reconnect with my résumé and my past experience after so much time, and also to connect my professional identity with my personal identity (values, strengths etc.). This was invaluable in helping me determine what I am now looking for. I feel that working with Aisling has empowered me to drive my search in a new direction, because she has made me discover that my skill set is transferable and valuable outside of my former industry.”
Elodie D

The e-course in brief

This Career Planning e-Course combines best practice in career evaluation and transition with my own experience as an executive coach. Over six weeks, it aims to get you to discover what you need, both professionally and personally, to have a fulfilling career. The e-course lays the foundation so you gain clarity on what makes you tick and what you already have to offer your current or future employer. You’ll get a clear idea of:

  • your values
  • your personal strengths
  • your interests and passions
  • your personal achievements
  • what you need in your life to be happy and fulfilled.

This knowledge is about you as a person and your life as a whole. The next layer is about your work preferences. You’ll work to identify your:

  • favourite job skills
  • key work motivators
  • professional strengths
  • greatest work achievements
  • preferred working organisation and environment
  • ideal working day.

It will reveal to you everything you need in your working life to be motivated and satisfied. You will capture this knowledge as you complete each module. By the end of the e-course, you will:

  • be very clear about what you must have in your career to be satisfied and motivated
  • the templates for evaluating any career ideas or job opportunities.
“I found it very helpful; it was a great way of pooling all my thoughts in one place and forcing me (in a nice way!) to think very seriously about myself and my career. I wonder if more people had the chance to take this e-course, how much happier the workforce would be? I’d say quite a lot.”
Matthew T

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Who is the Career Planning e-Course for?

This course is for you if you:

  • need to get your career mojo back
  • need to make a career-change and want to identify your transferable skills
  • are tired of coming second when applying for new roles
  • want to apply for a more senior role
  • want to get back to work after taking time away to look after your children or parents
  • are facing redundancy and are wondering what’s next
  • have plenty of career ideas but need to figure out your best option
  • have no idea what your next move is, but know you need a more fulfilling career
  • know your current role is no longer right for you.
  • are burnt out and realise there is more to life than your work.

This self-study e-course will suit you if:

  • You love the process of learning – structured modules, Q&As, worksheets – and are keen to be accountable.
  • You are tired of trying to muddle through on your own and want to be supported, challenged and championed
  • You are willing to do the work and to make this your priority for the duration of the course.
“As a result of our sessions I now feel very positive and have a clear idea of what I want to achieve both career and family-wise this year and in the immediate future. After months of anguish over making the “right” decision, I finally feel as if I have a refreshingly clear head and am comfortable with my choices. This has undoubtedly been achieved as a direct consequence of the thought-provoking sessions.”
Fran C

How does it work?

This is a six-week online course. You access it via my private learning website. When you register, you’ll receive a welcome email and questions about what you want from the e-course. This will let you become familiar with answering questions and submitting them to me, your coach. Each week, a number of modules go live on the learning site. Some are short and others will take more time. Once you have completed a module you submit your answers to me. You can go back and add to or amend your answers at any time, and you decide when works best for you to complete these modules. I will review your progress and ask further questions where appropriate to help you create a deeper awareness about yourself and what makes you tick.

Your coach

Aisling Burnand portrait for About PageHi, I’m Aisling Burnand and I want you to have the confidence to think strategically about your life and your career and to begin to take the steps to achieve your career dreams. I’ve been a CEO and a board director and I’ve been hired by individual clients and organisations to provide executive coaching and career support.

Using the Firework Career Coaching model, I help people get clarity on what they want from their working lives and gain the confidence to go and get it.

I know what it’s like to:

  • transition in your career both in an organisation and into a new one
  • reinvent yourself by building on existing skills and talents and change direction
  • have to address real life challenges which mean full-time work has to be put on hold because of other pressing priorities
  • feel lost and overwhelmed with a range of possibilities and conflicting advice from well-meaning people.

This is why I’m passionate about supporting you. I’ve experienced career challenges first hand and know that making decisions about your career can be tough. This e-course gets to the heart of what you need in your career for you to be satisfied and motivated – be that working full time, part time, running your own business, or developing a portfolio of interesting roles.

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NOTE: There are two small additional costs to access the externally hosted Myers Briggs ($5) and Strengths Finder ($15) assessments. You don’t have to do these, but they do provide extra information that most people find useful.

Add personal one-to-one coaching

You can add six one-to-one coaching session via phone or Skype to your e-course. In the coaching sessions I’ll work with you to assess your possible career options and develop an action plan to achieve your goals. There is a separate charge for this service of £1,750 if you sign up  (Total: £2,150).

“Aisling helped me to focus on my strengths and achievements, as well as my interests and passions. Her positive approach was refreshing and she enabled me to develop a new direction and remember what I value in both work and life.”
Lee-Ann C

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Terms & Conditions

e-Course Cancellation Policy

If your circumstances change, email me within 7 working days of purchase to receive a refund (minus PayPal fees).

e-Course Refunds

If you reach the end of week two of the e-course and, having completed all modules do not believe you have benefited from the learning and support, email me with the reasons why you feel the e-course has fallen short of what you were told you would receive. If we are unable to resolve the issues you raise, then you will be issued with a refund (minus PayPal fees).

Ready to find out what makes you tick and get your career mojo back?

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