What People Say

Leadership Coaching

“As a first-time director, I look forward to my coaching sessions with Aisling as a steadying force in a hectic schedule. With Aisling, I create time to reflect, think strategically, plan. She has helped me realise my strengths, rise to challenges and celebrate my successes. Aisling is strong, challenging, fun and human. She values the richness of personal and professional life and I find that the impact of our discussions resonates from work situations across all of life. ”

Sarah Main, Director, CaSE

“I had three sessions over a 6-month period to help me deal with challenging changes within an organisation. Working with Aisling helped to bring a different perspective to the situation. I learnt through the sessions that I placed unreasonable pressure on myself (time was a major driver for me) and my reaction to that driver was getting in the way of doing what needed to be done in relation to the circumstances and people on the ground.  The sessions helped me reflect upon the perspectives of others and their drivers and develop approaches that would help to unlock the situation.  We have made great progress, although we are still implementing changes. However, the idea that this can be done in small steps is acceptable to me whereas 6 months ago it was not.”

Liz Jewell, Chief Executive Officer, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Support Services

Coaching High-potential Executives

“Aisling brought a wealth of knowledge and expertise, and a passion for coaching to our work at Cancer Research UK. Her natural flair as a coach, warmth, ability to build rapport and flexibility made it a pleasure to work with her providing coaching to some of our high potential individuals. Her coachees all reported positive, motivating experiences and made progress as a result of the coaching sessions. Both they and I would highly recommend Aisling.”

Elizabeth Sideris, Executive Director Human Resources, Cancer Research UK

“Receiving coaching was very useful for me – to take time out of my busy day and spend time evaluating my experiences, looking at them in a different way and finding ways to develop and progress. I would recommend Aisling as a coach.”

Fundraiser, charity sector

“I have found the coaching sessions with Aisling very worthwhile. She has helped make me look at my management strategy and ambitions in a completely new light. I will definitely seek to continue the coaching going forward!”

Consumer Insight, charity sector

“Aisling was an excellent coach. I had several sessions with Aisling at a time when I’d taken on a new role and also found out I was pregnant. Aisling helped me navigate a challenging time – ensuring I could maximise my impact at work before maternity leave. She really helped give me perspective.”

Fundraiser, charity sector

“Coaching is a good way to work through barriers that may be holding you back at work and understanding what really lies at the heart of issues you are having. It can give you a new perspective on yourself and your capabilities and understand where your strengths are and what may be possible.”

Alice Tuff-Lacey, Cancer Research UK

Business and Team Coaching

“Aisling’s work made a fundamental difference to our business. It provided invaluable reflection on the business, married with a priceless chance for colleagues to give totally anonymous feedback on a variety of crucial issues. I consider it one of the most important items of expenditure of this past financial year and would not hesitate to recommend her services for any business seeking to take stock and check its direction of travel.”

Kevin Craig, Managing Director, PMLR Ltd

“Thank you so much for helping us today. It was a really valuable team-strengths session and it helps us enormously to have you there to guide us and create the space to step out of the every day.”

Sarah Main, Director, CaSE

Career Coaching

“Working with Aisling has enabled me to re-discover my professional identity, to reconnect with my résumé and my past experience after so much time, and also to connect my professional identity with my personal identity (values, strengths etc.). This was invaluable in helping me determine what I am now looking for. I feel that working with Aisling has empowered me to drive my search in a new direction, because she has made me discover that my skill set is transferable and valuable outside of my former industry.”

Elodie D

“As a result of our sessions I now feel very positive and have a clear idea of what I want to achieve both career and family-wise this year and in the immediate future. After months of anguish over making the “right” decision, I finally feel as if I have a refreshingly clear head and am comfortable with my choices. This has undoubtedly been achieved as a direct consequence of the thought-provoking sessions.”

Fran C

“I found it very helpful; it was a great way of pooling all my thoughts in one place and forcing me (in a nice way!) to think very seriously about myself and my career. I wonder if more people had the chance to take this e-course, how much happier the workforce would be? I’d say quite a lot.”

Matthew T

“Aisling helped me to focus on my strengths and achievements, as well as my interests and passions. Her positive approach was refreshing and she enabled me to develop a new direction and remember what I value in both work and life.”

Lee-Ann C