Happy New Year

Photo by Fikri Rasyid on Unsplash

So how is it so far? Have you made a number of New Year resolutions? I find that executive coaching clients fall into two camps at this time of year. Either you have made a number of resolutions and are working out how to implement them or you have been resolute in not making any at all. Either way has merit.

Last year I made a long list of resolutions (far too many to be productive) and in other years I have avoided them completely.

This year I am trying something entirely different. I was inspired by reading an article by Karen Kimsey-House (co-founder of the Coaches Training Institute – CTI ). In essence she boiled down her 2013 resolution to a theme called B-R-E-A-T-H-E. Which is so much easier to recall and implement and can be used to inform an approach to the whole year.

I haven’t been as reductionist as Karen (you can read her blog here). However, I have managed to boil down my intentions for the year into three themes:

  • Plan
  • Exercise
  • Celebrate

My ‘Plan’ intention is about moving the business forward whilst balancing my portfolio of other activities both charitable, pro bono and family. (As a heads up: I have developed an on-line study programme for those wanting to think more strategically about their careers and I will be launching this in January with a limited number of places. A little more planning is required before launch so sign up here if you would like to know more or forward the blog to someone else who might be thinking about their next move).

The ‘Exercise’ intention is to ensure I keep it high on my list of priorities and don’t down grade keeping fit when I get busy.

And the ‘Celebrate’ theme is to ensure that I daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly etc, celebrate both the small things and the big things that surround me. I find this a great antidote to any negativity I encounter.

I would love to hear your approach to the New Year. Are you a resolution junkie or an avoider? If you were to have an intention for the whole year what would it be? Leave me a comment.

Thanks for all your support and wishing you a very Happy 2014.