Coaching For Leaders

Cartoon girl with rocket packLeadership is challenging. It can and should also be immensely rewarding. Strengths coaching not only helps you succeed and achieve more as a leader, it also supports you in making your contribution as a leader far more satisfying and sustainable.

Leading through your strengths

Coaching helps you to see beyond the back-to-back meetings and the never-ending stream of emails to achieve peak performance. It keeps you connected to your vision, whether that’s creating something new or changing something for the better.

The strength-coaching model focuses on understanding and using your innate strengths to achieve your goals. By doing this it helps you to:

  • understand yourself as a leader and develop your leadership edge
  • have a greater impact through your work
  • improve your communication and your relationships with employees, executive teams and trustees
  • become more resilient and flexible in how you respond to challenge and conflict
  • find a balance between work and the rest of your life.

Coaching provides you with:

  • space and time to think about the big picture
  • a trusted sounding board for your vision
  • clarity on how to approach a specific decision or situation.

Why work with DNA Coaching?

Before becoming a coach, I led a high-profile UK organisation that often required me to take a public stand on controversial issues. I had to deal with multiple stakeholders often with conflicting agendas. It was during this time I discovered the strengths-based approach to leadership. I passionately believe in its philosophy and believe that strengths-based leadership is the right way to lead in the 21st century.

My 25+ years’ experience in management, leadership, and how to make things happen gives me a deep understanding of the challenges you face as a leader. Equally importantly, I have a family and understand just how hard finding that work/life balance can be.

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How we can work together


These one-off sessions focus on clarifying your strengths and applying them to a particular challenge you face.

Leadership Impact

A series of sessions, over 6 to 12 months, that use a strengths-based approach to uncover your personal leadership edge and enable you to have greater impact as a leader.

Career Direction

A one-to-one career coaching programme that supports you in identifying your innate strengths and values, so that you can take steps to make your work and life more satisfying.

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