Coaching For High-Potential Executives

Cartoon boy leaping off spring board with I Love My Job textNavigating a career path within an industry or field can be frustrating and confusing at times. The pressures can be exhausting too, especially when you try to give equal energy to your work and your life. Strengths-based coaching helps you to use your innate strengths to perform better and be energised by your work.

The value of strengths coaching

Strengths coaching helps you unleash the power of your natural strengths. Using your strengths at work you can sustain high performance, and increase your confidence and your engagement in your work. It can help you to:

  • avoid feeling overwhelmed by work
  • resolve a problem or a situation with a colleague or team
  • plan your next career move
  • raise your game and have more impact
  • communicate more effectively
  • feel more fulfilled at work and with your life in general
  • find a sustainable balance between work and the rest of your life.

It provides you with:

  • space and time to think about your performance and development
  • a sounding board for your challenges
  • clarity on how to approach a specific decision or situation

Why work with DNA Coaching?

Over 25 years, I worked my way up through the life science industry to chief executive level. It was a challenging and incredibly rewarding journey, and I bring this experience and understanding to my executive coaching and the challenges you face. Equally importantly, I have a family and understand just how hard finding that work/life balance can be.

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How we can work together


These one-off sessions focus on clarifying your strengths and applying them to a particular challenge or decision.

Leadership Impact

Using a strengths-based approach in a series of sessions over 6 to 12 months, you can uncover your personal leadership brand so that you can achieve more success and peak performance.

Career Direction

I offer a number of options if you want to identify your innate strengths and values so that you can take steps to make your work more satisfying.

  1. A one-to-one career coaching programme
  2. Your Next Step: On track to a career you love – a six-week e-course with online coaching support
  3. Your Next Step + one-to-one coaching – A six-week e-course supplemented by six one-to-one coaching sessions via Skype to review your possible career options and develop an action plan.

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