5 Tips To Help You Become More Courageous At Work

Courage is a vital leadership quality. Courageous leaders make the difficult decisions when nobody else will, and command the respect of their teams by driving ahead with complex changes.   It isn’t easy to show courage because it means that you have to continually try to do things in different ways. If you’re determined to act […]

Happy New Year

So how is it so far? Have you made a number of New Year resolutions? I find that executive coaching clients fall into two camps at this time of year. Either you have made a number of resolutions and are working out how to implement them or you have been resolute in not making any […]

What’s Your Attitude To Christmas?

Don’t you find it’s so easy to get caught up in all the Christmas preparations and get stressed out? Dashing around, rushing to the supermarket to get all the things you need, roaming around the shops panicking and ending up buying presents at random, getting increasingly more stressed! So my last blog before Christmas is […]

Work-Life Balance – The Perpetual Challenge

You are wondering how to keep going juggling work and the family – something feels it has got to give. Your work is demanding and you put in long hours but you love your job. You have always seen yourself as a role model and now you are feeling guilty because you see so little […]

Top Tips For Sticking To Your Personal Holiday Commitments Now You Are Back At Work

How was your summer holiday? I hope you are feeling rejuvenated and positive. What promises did you make to do something different when you got home? How’s it going? I always get that ‘back to school’ feeling in September. For me, September always feels like the start of something new. Perhaps you have already bought […]